Small Group Training

Intimate Small Group Sessions. 1 hour in length. Classes available every day of the week, morning and night. Includes monthly weigh-ins, progress checks, and nutritional guidance. Contact us today to book your first free session.

Monthly Rate $200

3 classes per week (12 total per month)



Hourly private one-on-one sessions. 1 hour in length. Also includes nutritional guidance, monthly weigh-ins and progress checks.

$65 per session


Corporate Training

Own a business or have a group of colleagues that want to train together? Lower insurance premiums for employee health insurance by encouraging healthy and active living in the workplace. Call us today to discuss your needs.


The Time Is Now.

Push your limits. Thrive for greatness. Be the change you seek. Day one or one day... you decide.


thrive THrīv/ verb (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

Why Thrive?

The first time is completely free, no strings attached. We are a small business that believes in doing the right thing! No contracts, no registration fees. #SUPPORTLOCAL