Our Story

Trey "The Trainer" has been training nearly 20 years specializing in body sculpting, coined the "Butt Doctor" in Hollywood. He utilizes unconventional, safe, and effective methods of training using a wide variety of non-traditional equipment including ropes, tires, TRX suspension bands, plyometrics, ballistics. Trey's vision for fitness is rooted in making training a lifestyle. He is passionate, personal, and truly the heart and soul of what makes Thrive so unique.

Cyndy, Trey's wife, is Registered Nurse specializing in Oncology. She is passionate about eating healthy and helping educate and influence others through Thrive's Organic Juicery and Smoothie bar. Cyndy has a passion for the science behind food and how it can transform your mind and body. Besides the time she spends creating juices and smoothies, she also provides personal nutritional support and dietary guidance for clients of Thrive.

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